Virtual Guard Service Provider

If you own a home or business, it is very important for you to keep it and its contents safe from harm. In 2015, there was an increase of the estimated number of violent crimes in the USA by 3.9 percent, and larceny and theft have remained the most frequently committed property crimes that occur in the country. Many companies have resorted to hiring security guards to watch for suspicious activity, but there is no possible way that even a team of security guards could know what is happening in every part of your building at once. It can also become quite expensive to have a team of security guards on the payroll, and managing shift coverage can become a hassle for business owners who would rather invest their time into other aspects of their businesses. Video Guard Pro offers a cost effective and stress-free option for your security guard needs. Our remote security monitoring service employs a virtual guard service provider system which allows our experienced staff to view every angle of your home or business from the inside out on one monitor, allowing a 360-degree view of your property and maximizing the efficiency of preventative response.

Our team will strategically place our high tech security cameras throughout your building to maximize the viewing capability of the virtual guard service we will provide to watch your home or business, allowing our guard to immediately report any suspicious activity occurring in our around your building. We understand that it is extremely important to keep your family, possessions, and source of income safe, which is why we are dedicated to providing top of the line services to our clients in a range of different settings. Some of the many services Video Guard Pro offers include:

  • Construction Site Security
  • Residential Community Monitoring

Our goal at Video Guard Pro is to prevent a crime before it ever happens. Video Guard Pro offers 24/7 live video monitoring, with a professional and experienced virtual guard always on watch to give you peace of mind at any time of the day or night. Video Guard Pro can help you save up to thousands of dollars with our high tech solution to the security guard industry. Just one of our trained and professional security guards can watch up to 16 of our security cameras, effectively eliminating the need for on-site guards. Every door and perimeter can be watched by a single, competent virtual guard service provider, who will be ready to alert proper authorities and the first sign of suspicious activity. In addition to our virtual guard service provision, we also offer employee supervision, store opening and closing monitoring, two-way audio alerts, and remote access control for secure entry and exit from the building.

If you would like to inquire about Video Guard Pro’s services, feel free to Video Guard Pro today in order to receive your personalized security assessment.

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