Audio Guard Pro


Audio Guard Pro

Our Audio Guard Pro system is meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with your current CCTV system. By adding powerful speakers and high-intensity strobe lights, it not only amplifies the security presence but also acts as a formidable deterrent. This combination ensures that potential intruders are met with both visual and auditory warnings, making your surveillance system even more effective and robust in safeguarding your premises.  Our dispatch command center can monitor your cameras and the Audio Guard Pro system integrates directly with our phone system so dispatch can do a voice-down with just the touch of a button.

Categories of Cameras:

1080P HD | 2MP

1080P is the industry standard for high definition security video surveillance. The resolution of a 1080P security camera is 1920X1080 which is equivalent to 2 million pixels or 2 megapixels(2MP). Video Guard Pro's 1080P (2MP) Security Cameras will display natively at 16:9 which means no stretching or distorting of the image.

HD+ | 4MP

HD+ is double the resolution of 1080P (2x1080P). With a resolution of at least 2688x1520 which is equivalent to 4 megapixels (4MP). Video Guard Pro's HD+ (4MP) Security Cameras will display natively at 16:9 which means no stretching or distorting of the image.

4K | 8MP

4k has a resolution of 4096x2160 which is equal to 8 million pixels or 8MP. This line of IP surveillance cameras have resolutions that are 4 times the amount of a standard HD security camera.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet security cameras get their name from the cylindrical shape they have that resembles that of a bullet. Bullet surveillance cameras are easy to install and aim.

Dome Cameras

Dome security cameras have a round base and a dome shaped top. Dome Surveillance cameras are easy to install, and use.

PTZ Cameras

Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras can be remotely controlled through the recorder or application. This enables wide area coverage and greater details by zooming in.

camera system installation

Professional Installation

Video Guard Pro’s Professional security camera system installers carefully select, place and integrate every security system component to ensure smooth operation and compatibility. This assures the security camera system operates as intended to reduce security risks.

Our CCTV installers assess your unique business needs to determine an optimal design for your business security camera system. Once installed, our professional security camera system installers keep working for you, ensuring your surveillance system always functions properly to deliver maximum security benefits for your business.