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We develop, design, and build custom Video Guarding Platforms that lets our Dispatch Operations Center monitor your property around the clock 365 days a year. We know instantly when trouble starts, can scare the intruder away, or quickly contact appropriate law enforcement. We offer a trusted modern solution custom designed for every industry.  Prevention is our Priority.

Virtual Video Guard by VGP

Human security guards are expensive and can’t watch everywhere on your property at the same time. Even with the best security team, criminals, vandals, and pranksters can wreck havoc where guards aren’t watching. You can be paying hefty bills for a security guard team, yet costly theft and damage can still happen.

Video Guard Pro uses the latest advanced security cameras to see everywhere at once. Our human team of experts monitors your cameras 24 hours day, 365 days a year including holidays. We see in detail in all light and weather conditions. Criminals are stopped in their tracks when our team initiates a bright strobe light and talks to the individual from speakers included in the camera installation. In most cases, this sends thieves and vandals running, never to return. We can also alert law enforcement with the recorded video and human observed evidence they need to make an arrest and get a conviction.

This modern electronic video security is essential for car dealerships, factories, schools, and businesses of all types. Get the all night surveillance you need to protect your property, your business, and your profits.  

Industries Served

We won’t let thieves steal your materials or equipment or damage structures. Your custom designed Video Guard system can keep a close eye on the entire site. This can immediately eliminate costly theft, vandalism, and accidents with uninvited visitors. Our cutting-edge cameras with 24 hour watch are your cost effective solution. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Break-ins, damage, and theft cause huge losses to industrial facilities of all types. Your expertly designed Video Guard system will effectively monitor your entire property and critical areas. This quickly reduces costs and liability while ensuring smoother production without costly interruptions. Please get in touch with our office to create a custom system for your industrial facility. We have experience in effectively protecting petrochemical operations.

Power plants with costly power stations and transformers are often the target of criminals. It’s vital to the economic health of your region and the smooth operation of your facility to protect the premises effectively. Video Guard technology can closely monitor all important areas to clearly see unwarranted activity at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. This is the highly reliable security you need for improved results and lower cost.

Solar is new, exciting, and unfortunately often draws thieves, criminals, and the curious. It’s no fun to arrive in the morning to see cables, tools, and fuel missing with damage to the site. Our cutting edge electronic monitoring effectively prevents losses, damage, and expensive slow downs. We surveil your entire property 24/7 for the most cost effective security possible.

As cities grow larger and more complex, so too does the need for effective security measures. One such measure that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of CCTV, or closed-circuit television. Video Guard Pro’s cameras are a powerful tool in the fight against crime, providing around-the-clock surveillance and remote video monitoring and security dispatch solutions.

Remote Video Monitoring for Schools and Campuses

The need for Remote Video Monitoring at schools is becoming more and more apparent. With the increase in violence and crime, many schools are turning to Remote Video Monitorng to help keep their students safe.  Video Guard Pro units can detect loud sounds such as a gun shot and alert dispatch immediately.

Remote Video Monitoring for Neighborhoods

Master planned communities are often targeted by criminals who seek to damage valuable public areas or steal assets. The cost of repairing or replacing these assets can be significant, so it is important for communities to take measures to protect their property. Video Guard Pro can help to enhance or replace existing security measures to better protect against these threats..

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Video Guard Pro thoroughly watches your property around the clock 365 days a year. Our high-tech cameras watch everything that happens with clear, precise views even in dark conditions. This is the robust protection your property needs to prevent theft and damage to equipment, products, vehicles, and your buildings. Thieves will soon learn it’s best to skip your properties and look elsewhere.

Your facilities have lots of activity. It’s hard for human security personnel to effectively watch everything that is going on. Video Guard’s modern camera surveillance is backed by our live Dispatch Center ready to act the moment they see trouble. This is your most effective method for fully protecting containers, contents, equipment, and much more. Save money, save time, and reduce the headaches brought by theft and vandalism.

Unfortunately vacant property can attract theft and unauthorized visitors. This can saddle you with significant costs and considerable liability. Video Guard Pro solves these problems with highly effective camera security that can quickly detect unwanted activities. Our team can speak directly to intruders to warn them and send them running. We will also notify law enforcement when appropriate. Please contact our office to discuss a custom Video Guard Pro installation for your vacant building.

Major Events

Large events typically require a great deal of security. Augment your human security staff and provide far greater comprehensive safety with Video Guard Pro. Our cameras can see everywhere at all times. This is something human security guards simply can’t accomplish. You get more thorough surveillance without the unwatched areas where problems can develop. Days, nights, weekends, and holidays – Video Guard Pro watches your event and facilities 24/7 without asking for overtime pay.

Cutting-edge Video Surveillance is vital for auto dealerships. You have millions of dollars in new product on the lot, out in the open for all to see and touch. Even a few simple scratches from vandals can cost you thousands keeping your service department busy when they have paying customers to take care of. Plus it’s essential to guard against professional thieves who can steal expensive parts. Video Guard Pro fully protects your entire lot 24/7 with human personnel who see everything.


You’ve got lots of very expensive equipment and valuable supplies. Thieves can arrive in darkness to grab machines, parts, pesticides, fertilizers, and much more. This can be highly detrimental to your ability to create a profit. It’s big expense and hours of headaches you don’t need. Video Guard Pro gives you the best live surveillance in the industry. With modern human-watched cameras that see everything 24 hours a day.

Marijuana Grow Farms

Harvest the big yields and profits available to well managed grow operations. Stop the current rise in theft that is now plaguing many farms. Video Guard Pro can detect criminal activity the moment is happens and effectively prevent damage and theft. Our 24 hour team of experts monitors your cameras for highly effective surveillance that won’t miss anything. You save money, run your business more efficiently, and reach your goals without the time consuming delays of theft and vandalism.

Remote Fire Watch

Has the Fire Marshall threatened your business with fines or shutdown due to problems with fire alarms? It’s a frequent problem in many communities across the US. Video Guard Pro can solve your problem. We install a 24-hour monitor camera on your property that gives you the professional Fire Watch the Fire Marshall prefers. This can help your business stay open and working, saving you a great deal of expense and lost revenue. Video Guard Pro is the essential remote fire watch service ideal for businesses, hotels, construction sites, and campuses. Contact us for a custom design, features, and installation.

Custom Tailored Solutions

We recognize your business is unique in many ways. That’s why our team creates a custom solution perfectly designed for your specific needs and facility. We offer a variety of modern security cameras complete with professional lenses available for a variety of different situations. 

Your custom Video Guard Pro installation can include:

Remote Monitoring

Video Guard Pro offers all the cutting-edge features needed for highly effective surveillance of your property, buildings, products, and equipment. We custom create a design and installation that solves problems and meets all your needs. Enjoy the excellent benefits of modern automatic intrusion detection powered by intelligent software that analyses detected movement in real time. Our team monitors continuous video feeds from all areas your property.

Camera installations include speakers and microphones so we can both hear and talk to intruders. This can stop crime in its tracks. Extensive testing has shown thieves, vandals, and intruders almost always leave immediately. Our team can notify appropriate law enforcement for highly effective prevention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

With Security Guard Pro you get the finest custom tailored surveillance and remote monitoring design and technology in the industry. Save money, prevent costly crime, and protect your business. Please fill out the form below for a prompt response from our helpful team.

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