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Major Events Need Security Surveillance Cameras

To Prevent Fights, Underage Drinking, Patron Safety, Vandalism, Property Damage, and Fires

Large events typically require a great deal of security. Augment your human security staff and provide far greater comprehensive safety with Video Guard Pro. Our cameras can see everywhere at all times. This is something human security guards simply can’t accomplish. You get more thorough surveillance without the unwatched areas where problems can develop. Days, nights, weekends, and holidays – Video Guard Pro watches your event and facilities 24/7 without asking for overtime pay.

Protect your Venue

Deter Fights

Notify patrons with a loud voice warning, strobe lights, that they have been spotted and fighting will not be tolerated.

Prevent Smoking

Our system includes Artificial Intelligence that is able to detect smoke notify security to indoor smoking.

Prevent Vandalism

Our system can monitor areas that security cannot be in at all times and detect people vandalising areas.

Virtual Video Guard Pro Industrial Facility Security Surveillance Systems provides remote monitoring services via state-of-the-art  artificial intelligence, infrared, radar, and thermal motion detection cameras to alert our 24/7 Dispatch Command Operations Center of any type of breach, trespass, intrusion, or fire.

Our remote monitoring services make it so that you no longer have to continue investing in more security staff. Security Guard Service can be very expensive sometimes costing anywhere from: $35.00-75.00 per hour!

The center is staffed around the clock by qualified, PROfessional, PROactive, PROtection Specialists. . Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art security and peace of mind for your property and premises and ensure that we do everything at our disposal to detect, prevent, and mitigate any type of exposures to risk, loss, and liability, as a result of fire, theft, burglary, trespass, vandalism,  and or any other forms of criminal mischief or conduct.  Having our live guards monitoring your site remotely over WIFI or 4GLTE or 5G and satellite gives us the ability to see your site and protect it from all angles and perimeters by creating invisible fences, trip wires, intrusion zones, and Geo-Fences around the sites perimeter and interior we essentially create an invisible web of sophisticated technology encompassing and covering your whole entire site and property.