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Do you have questions about Video Guard Pro services. Please review our FAQ below for more information.

All you need to provide is 120 VAC power. Everything is self contained inside of the unit so all you have to do is plug it in.

We do not need access to your network, all of our units include a 4G LTE modem which allows remote access without being on your network.

We can provide you with a solar powered unit which can be used on a site that does not have access to power.

Yes, you have full access to connect to the Video Guard Pro device and view your cameras remotely.  Remember, there are data limits when using 4G LTE so if you plan to watch your cameras for more than a few minutes at a time we’d recommend allowing our device to plug into your network.

All Video Guard Pro units are custom built to the needs of the client, typical turnaround time from order to install is approx. 2 weeks.

Our dispatch command center is located in Malden, MA.

The Video Guard Pro system is powered by 120 VAC and does not contain any batteries.  We can, however, install a battery backup in a separate NEMA box to power your unit in case of a power cut.

We have a partnership with IC Realtime and use their equipment.

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