Our Cutting-Edge Video Monitoring STOPS Theft, Vandalism, and Crime. Your Property, Equipment, and Customers Enjoy the Exceptional Safety of Video Guard Pro's Proactive Live Monitoring Service

Video Guard Pro Protects Your Property From Theft Vandalism Crime Trespassers Loitering Burglars Shoplifting Lawsuits Liability Litigation

Theft and vandalism can be huge costs for your business. It takes just seconds for thieves to smash and grab. Then take off with expensive equipment, products, supplies, and much more. Unfortunately a portion of today’s public thinks it’s OK to steal if strong security measures aren’t in place.

Video Guard Pro outfits your property with 24/7 Live Video Monitoring that catches thieves in the act. Our cameras have built-in speakers with alarm strobes so we can instantly speak to the intruder and stop the crime.

Our agents can call police or immediately send trained security personnel to intercede. This special Live Guard Response is available for our customers in the Boston area.

Save on State of the Art Proactive Security. Save even MORE stopping expensive theft and vandalism. Keep your employees and customers safe from harm and loss.

Are you stuck in the 70s, 80s, and 90s still recording crime?  It’s time to prevent crime in real time with Video Guard Pro!

We provide 24/7/365 Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring

Intruder Detected

Our advanced AI engine will detect an intruder even before they step foot on your site and send an alert to our 24/7 dispatch command center.

Alarm is Sounded

As soon as the intruder crosses the virtual intrusion zone, an announcement is played and strobe lights are displayed, telling the intruder to vacate the area.

Police Notified of Intruder

If the intruder still remains on the property the police are notified and dispatched to the exact location of the intrusion.

Intruder Arrested

The intruder is arrested and another crime has been prevented in real time by Video Guard Pro's Virtual Guarding System.

Our Stats

Sites Protected
Cameras Monitored
Threats Protected

Video Guard Pro in Action

How Remote Guarding Compares to Other Services

Description Video Surveillance
Without Monitoring
(Basic System)
Video Surveillance
With Live Monitoring
(VGP System)
Video Recording (DVRs/NVRs)
Provides evidence of crime
Reactive deterrent
Warning Signage (No Trespassing)
Proactively prevents crime
Bult-in A.I. constantly learning about site
Analytics identifying unusual behavior
Automatically checks for uptime
24/7 Live Monitoring
Voice commands to deter intruders
Instantly Dispatched Police, Fire, EMS, or Security Patrols to Site

The 4 P's Of Video Guard Pro





Video Guard Pro is Fast & Easy to Install

We custom design our camera, speaker, and alarm strobe to effectively guard every part of your property. We visit your location to study the layout, features, and need. Then our team configures your custom Video Guard Pro system to provide exceptional protection. 

Your technicians can install the system. Or we can send an expert to install quickly and at affordable cost. 

Advanced Motion Detection Sensors

Our cameras and 24 hour Dispatch Command Center watch every part of your property at the same time. This is much more effective and less costly than hiring live security guards who can only monitor one area. Thieves quickly learn your property and business are off limits.

Multiple Camera Views

Our system clearly views everywhere on your property night and day. We respond immediately to deter thieves. It’s far more effective than paying expensive security guards who can’t view everywhere at once.

Intrusion Detection

We can set up virtual trip wires and intrusion alerts. Our 24/7 live team is alerted the instant someone attempts to enter. It’s the most secure high-tech protection available for all types of facilities and properties.

24/7 Recording & Monitoring

Our Dispatch Command Center watches everywhere on your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including holidays. We see and record unwanted activity to help police put thieves away so they don’t come back.

Visual Deterrence

Thieves and vandals are immediately greeted with the voice of a life human talking to them over a nearby speaker. Strobe lights are activated the moment the system detects someone where they don’t belong. The vast majority of intruders flee and don’t return.

Emergency Response

Our team can immediately dispatch police to your site when needed. In the Boston area, our experienced Security Personnel can quickly reach your site for a live inspection.

Insurance Discounts

Your Video Guard Pro live security system provides highly effective protection stopping 97% of criminal activity. You may be eligible for money-saving insurance discounts.

Video Guard Pro is a Mobotix Partner!

We wanted to only utilize the latest technologies and that’s why we partnered with Mobotix. The cameras that Mobotix has designed, developed and produced go beyond the limits of what we were looking for. Their technology exceeded our expectations.  They offer more options and are more durable than any other cameras on the market today. they are unparalleled

After over a full year of research and development and dealing with false alarm after false alarm we were introduced to Mobotix cameras.  After utilizing them on one installation we found they do not false alarm and outweigh any functionality of any other provider.

Construction Sites

Instantly stop expensive theft of tools, equipment, and materials. Protect yourself from vandals, unauthorized visitors, and rouge employees and sub-contractors.

Remote Fire Watch

If your fire system is offline it can cost your company. Our Remote Fire Watch service can see exactly what’s going on in real time and protect your property by alerting the fire department.

Industrial Services

We custom create a cutting-edge Video Guard Pro monitoring system for any sized facility and property, no matter how large. Our experts consult with you to build and install the perfect solution.

Let's Create YOUR Video Guard Pro System Today

Please contact us to discuss cutting-edge video and live monitoring for your property. Our experts will answer your questions and create an affordable plan to install your custom system. We make it easy, rewarding, and affordable. This is the highly effective modern security you need to save costs and headaches from theft, vandalism, and unwanted intruders.

Safe & Secure

We monitor your site better than traditional security would as we can see multiple areas at all times.

24x7 Support

Our dispatch command center operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year so we will never miss a beat.

Low Cost

On average we will save you 50% off of traditional security guard services.  Contact us today!

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