Video Guard Pro’s Construction Site Security Creates Less Headaches at New Hotel Construction

New full service high-end hotel construction site in Revere, MA


The new hotel construction in Revere, Massachusetts is next to a MBTA Train Station which causes people to walk through the construction site and potentially become injured.  There has also been several theft and vandalism incidents at Revere area construction sites.


With high value equipment on-site, this site was a hot spot for crime. The new hotel construction site battled theft and suffered profit losses as a result of damage inflicted during crime incidents (thieves cutting holes in fences, for example) and false alarms triggered.

“We had your typical video surveillance security system with cameras, doorbells, buzzers and even ‘laser beam’ sensors to trigger alarms,” said a spokesman for the site. “Despite these security measures, theft was still occurring, and we realized our old video surveillance system was effective at recording crimes and incidents, but not at actively deterring them.”


Knowing many sites would greatly benefit from an active video surveillance security system, the team decided to look into remote video monitoring services. At the top of the list of evaluation criteria was a system that would not only watch over their site and other high-value equipment on-site, but also detect and deter crime in real-time – while cutting costs related to theft and damage.

Video Guard Pro’s remote video surveillance monitoring services fit this purchase criteria and more. The system offers 24×7 live surveillance and active monitoring, along with strobes and sirens for crime deterrence, while eliminating up front capital expenses as a result of its subscription service model. Rick and his team had the system installed at the Spring Hill Suites location.


Following the implementation of Video Guard Pro’s virtual security guard system and remote video monitoring services, the site experienced an immediate reduction in intrusion incidents and crime while also improving customer relations. “We’re not getting broken into nearly as much. Our downtime due to missing equipment has decreased,” a spokesperson said. “And we can focus on finishing up the construction of the new hotel versus dealing with theft.”

Video Guard Pro’s active monitoring technology has already stopped several theft attempts in progress. In one case, Video Guard Pro’s system identified a criminal stealing electronics from an on-site boat and immediately alerted the police. The team watched the arrest take place live on camera – without having to personally intervene.

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