Camera Monitoring Services for Major Events in Bedford, MA


Large events typically require a great deal of security. Augment your human security staff and provide far greater comprehensive safety with Video Guard Pro. Our cameras can see everywhere at all times. This is something human security guards simply can’t accomplish. You get more thorough surveillance without the unwatched areas where problems can develop. Days, nights, weekends, and holidays – Video Guard Pro watches your event and facilities 24/7 without asking for overtime pay.

Video Guard Pro Provides Highly Effective Protection from Crime, Vandals, and Intruders

These days criminals are more clever and daring than ever. They range from the desperate to experienced professionals who study your facility’s security before they strike. Many industries suffer from criminal rings who arrive when you least expect them to smash and grab, steal valuable equipment, do costly damage, and make off with needed materials, supplies, and parts.

Nowhere is this a bigger problem than in the construction industry. Your business has a fortune in materials, tools, and equipment that can be ripe for the taking when your crews aren’t looking. Video Guard Pro effectively watches your entire property 24/7 even on holidays. This is especially important at night when thieves and intruders are most likely to strike.

Our cutting-edge cameras can focus on an intruder and his or her actions with excellent detail in all light and weather conditions. We use a variety of specialized commercial lenses that can perform advanced functions including being fully controllable by our remote team. We even use heat detection to effectively see in total darkness.   

Video Guard Pro Protects You From Intruders Theft Crime Vandalism Trespassers

Our system uses advanced software that instantly analyzes movement for a clear picture of what is taking place. We are notified immediately to take action. Video Guard Pro camera installations are complete with powerful strobe lights and loud speakers. We can listen to, then talk to intruders. In almost every situation the intruder leaves without causing harm. We also alert local law enforcement when appropriate.

Video Guard Pro is the advanced, modern, cutting-edge professional electronic detection and security you need to prevent theft, vandalism, and crime. We insist on designing your system customized for your specific needs, location, and risks. That means you get the very best the industry has to offer perfectly designed for your individual business, organization, or institution.  

Video Guard Pro Remote Surveillance Monitoring

AI Video Surveillance

Determine threat level with advanced software and notify authorities if necessary

Audio Deterrent Services

Notify intruders with a loud voice warning that they have been spotted and authorities will be contacted

Camera Health Monitoring

Automatically detects equipment issues, conducts trend analysis, fixes issues where possible, and alerts people when needed

Dedicated Mobile App

Access remote video monitoring statistics, arming or disarming, and live feeds

24/7 Video Recording

View footage quickly based on search terms or keywords

Cloud Based Surveillance

Provide secure access to data and minimize storage limitations

Visual Deterrents

Deploy bright, flashing lights to alarm intruders that they have been spotted

Machine Learning

Strengthen the accuracy of your security solution with smart video analysis

Visual Guards

Leverage remote personnel to review triggers from AI findings

Our remote monitoring services make it so that you no longer have to continue investing in more security staff.   Security Guard Service can be very expensive sometimes costing anywhere from: $35.00-75.00 per hour! 

Video Guard Pro security employs a team of highly trained, professional, dedicated, committed, and experienced security specialists, that have many years experience monitoring security cameras and security systems. Our Monitoring agents have come from Casino Security backgrounds  and some are former Loss Prevention Agents, and or retired police officers. Our agents will actively monitor the streaming video broadcast from your security camera system, live as it is occurring. This is accomplished by powerful analytics software for Artificial Intelligence AI analysis which uses advanced and complex algorithms to detect and indicate possible incidents or threats faster than ever before. This software works alongside active real-live personnel who monitor the Video Guard Camera feeds and footage 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and most importantly they will monitor your premises and property for any alarms or events indicating any trouble at your property!

We know your on-site security team is likely doing their best, they just simply cannot be in more than one place at a time. We know that they also have jobs on the location they need to attend to. Often this means checking the identification and credentials of those wishing to enter or leave any given location, and keeping an eye on key areas around the perimeter via patrolling.  It also might mean actively monitoring multiple video surveillance monitors by themselves, while also having to leave the video monitoring area to handle basic personal needs, or respond directly to incidents that may occur at the location without warning. Let’s face it guards can sometimes be lazy, fall asleep, get tired, and just sit there all night playing on their phones and watching movies. Not paying attention to whats going on around them. NOT Video Guard Pro Guards.

Our cameras don’t even blink! We often deploy up to 4 cameras per site meaning you now have 4 sets of eyes watching your property, sites, and protecting your assets without blinking an eye or falling asleep!  Our Video Guard Pro systems simply put ” PREVENT CRIME IN REAL TIME.”

This is why it’s imperative to have both local security, such as The New England Security Team and Video Guard Pro We are able to alert you, and the authorities faster than on-site personnel can, without pulling them away from their respective duties.  Additionally, agents can act as Gate-Guards as well- providing access in and out of facilities.  the only way to alleviate the issues that on-site security might deal with is by hiring more on-site security. This can get expensive and will most certainly not resolve all security gaps. Due to these limitations of on-site security personnel, the industry has had to adapt and learn no ways to use the technologies we have in the modern world. This means offering remote services that can help eliminate many of these issues- like those of a Virtual Security Contractor.

With the ever increasing employee shortage its getting more difficult to find well suited & qualified professional security guards these days. This is why Virtual Video Guard is the SOLUTION! Not to mention:

We Can GUARANTEE to Cut your Security Budget and Costs by more than 50%!!  Let us show you how we can save you a lot of money on your security guard program and at the same time get better protection!

The benefits of employing a Remote Security Contractor such as Video Guard Pro are a result of the features we offer. The most obvious of which is safer, and faster security responses. Additionally, you will see far fewer false alarms, as more attention to detail is paid to potential incidents. Your on-site staff can be more productive as well since they won’t have to focus on dealing with every single potential security threat and will be able to focus on direct tasks. You may also be able to save money on staffing in general, simply not having to hire as many on-site security staff, to begin with. 


No other monitoring and live surveillance company deters crime in seconds. That’s faster than the speed of crime. It’s not just our surveillance that’s fast, our customer support team is available 24/7, supporting you when you need them.


With real time contextual search, integrated machine learning that identifies what’s a threat and what isn’t, and advanced 3rd generation equipment health monitoring, you’ll be equipped with the most intelligent surveillance solution money can buy.

Most Reliable

Your business can’t afford to lose assets, time, or money because of theft and vandalism. We prevent crime in 97% of all instances, and we view over 1 million events per day, making us the most reliable live monitoring and surveillance company.